Dojo Etiquette

Thanks for joining us at Next Evolution Martial Arts. Please read through our Dojo Etiquette and Parent Code before getting started! 

Our Dojo Etiquette For Members

  • All metal objects, jewelry or accessories must be removed before class begins.
  • Always bow to the mat when entering and leaving the dojo.
  • Shoes must be placed on the shoe rack neatly and then walk directly onto the mat, bowing before entering.
  • Do not walk on the wood floor barefoot. You must always wear your shoes or sandals while walking around the dojo. The only place you go barefoot is the mats.
  • If you are under 15 minutes late for class you must wait at the end of the mat for instructors permission to proceed into class. If you are over 15 minutes late you cannot take class.
  • Keep your dojo clean! This is not your house. Please respect your dojo and pick up after yourselves.
  • Absolutely no eating inside the dojo.
  • No usage of cell phone inside the dojo.
  • Hygiene is crucial. Nails must be cut, cover any open wounds, uniforms always washed post class, etc.
  • Absolutely no foul language inside the dojo.

Parents Code

  • Please bring your children no earlier than 10 minutes prior to class time. If possible, please already have your child dressed for class to eliminate disturbing the class in session and additional noises.
  • To respect the privacy of parents and their children, absolutely no pictures/videos can be taken of the classes. Pictures are only allowed during promotional ceremonies.
  • No usage of cell phone inside the dojo. Talking should be minimal inside the dojo when there are classes in session.
  • No sideline coaching - unless you are a professional in the martial art industry, in which you should be on the mat helping, then please refrain from interrupting our instructors on doing their job.
  • Please remind and help your children about hygiene. Nails should be cut. Uniforms should always be clean and neat - no wrinkles.

Loyalty, Integrity, Respect, Discipline & Family.

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